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Welcome to Audiophile Inventory

Audiophile Inventory - the software for top-level pro musical production and audiophiles.

At Audiophile Inventory, we create software solutions that focus on uncompromising sound quality.

Our flagship product is AuI ConverteR application. It is an accurate music file format converter. The app is designed for music producers and discerning music lovers.

This program is built upon our advanced audio technologies. They bring high fidelity in every conversion.

We present in the market since 2011. And, we bring experience and expertise to meet diverse customer needs.

The goal of our software is to enhance your listening experience. The app is created for both music industry professionals and passionate audio enthusiasts.

We have an unwavering commitment to excellence. We continuously innovate and deliver cutting-edge audio quality.

Our dedication to sound fidelity improvement sets us apart. It allows us to provide applications that consistently meet high standards.

Join us at Audiophile Inventory. Discover the power of our programs.

Don't believe simple words. You can check: are there real improvements in music production? Do it elevate your audiophile experience to new heights?

Download AuI ConverteR FREE without sound quality limitations.




AuI ConverteR software is multitool for your music library.

The music library contains audio files in various formats and resolutions. You can adapt these files for your favorite listening gadget. It may discover the best sonic abilities of this device.

This audio format converter software is designed for professionals and audiophiles seeking exceptional sound quality.

It supports popular file formats like SACD ISO, DSF, DFF, MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, m4a, OGG, and more.

Our own advanced technologies are embedded into the converter.


Watch and share: AuI ConverteR software. Short review
video: AuI ConverteR software. Short review


Bit-perfect conversion is available, if converted formats allow. The software give you low loss of fidelity during conversion.

The program offers options for bit resolution, sample rate, downmix multichannel to stereo, seamless album conversion, and others.

Batch conversion is available for efficient processing of multiple files.

The software is user-friendly and suitable for all skill levels.

It is ideal tool for anyone who values pristine audio quality.

  • AuI ConvreteR - accurate audio converter software for studio. It is intended for music production and audiophiles.
    This conversion program adjust audio file format and resolution to play on smartphone, hi-fi DAC, media server.
    Your produced recordings are conveyed in the various formats in music shops. AuI ConverteR helps you transform the recordings to the formats carefully.
  • CUE-splitter FLAC, WAV, DSF, DFF - high-qualitative splitter of big audio file by CUE-sheet file.
    It supports export  metadata from .cue to target files.
  • Extractor of SACD ISO to DSD (DSF/DFF) and FLAC, WAV, and other PCM files.
    The application make such conversion in high-quality. And it can solves some known issues of SACD ISO file extraction.
  • Safe CD ripper for audio CD.
    The program provides deep error control, restoration attempt of audio data. Found/fixed errors are displayed on track timeline.
  • Metadata editor of group and individual DSF, WAV, FLAC, AIFF audio files.

Remark: AuI ConverteR abilities depend on price configuration.

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