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Studio Audio Converter DSF to FLAC, WAV, AIFF, mp3 and more

AuI ConverteR is powerful studio audio converter software. It offers high-quality sound. feature Supported platforms: Mac and Windows. It effortlessly transforms popular audio formats: DFF, DSF audio files to FLAC, WAV, mp3; AIFF to mp3 and FLAC; and more. It makes your music more compatible with various devices, players, and streaming servers. These devices allow you to enjoy your favorite high-quality audio files on the go.


Music formats

MP3 is a widely supported audio format. It's known for its small file size with compromising audio quality. Converting DSF to lossless FLAC is an excellent option for audiophiles who value high-quality audio.
This software allows users to easily convert multiple audio files in a batch.
The versatile tool supports a wide range of digital sound resolutions, including 1-bit DSD audio files. Lossless .dsf to .dff format conversion is supported.


Audio converter features

AuI ConverteR offers features to adjust the music to a preferable listening experience. Seamless album conversion allows you to work with operas, live concerts, etc.

We use only our own original technologies.

Enjoy the conversion of your projects with AuI ConverteR.
The converter's freeware version with some limitations is available. Download it and begin work right now.


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Converting DSF to PCM used for adaptation DSF audio files to PCM playback software/hardware.

Quality of DSF to PCM conversion defined as level noise and distortions.


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